Year 6 Autumn Term

What are we reading in Year 6 this term?


Please find below the Year 6 Curriculum Statement, detailing what we will be learning about this term.

Year 6 Curriculum Statement Autumn 2021

Scholastic Book Fair 2021

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard as the Scholastic Book Fair got underway today. They have been busy preparing for this event for several weeks and their hard work has definitely paid off! Well done Year 6!


This term we have been learning about the Vikings and the for the image we have of them and the reasons for those views.  We have looked at Viking invasions of Britain and how close they came to taking control of England. In this lesson we looked at the struggle for power between The Anglo Saxons and The Vikings.

Liverpool Maths Party Day

Year 6 celebrated Liverpool Maths Party Day by completing various mathematical challenges. This enabled us to develop our strategical thinking and mental strategies.

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