Year 5 Spring Term

What are we reading in Year 5 this term?


Please find below the Year 5 Spring Curriculum Statement, detailing what we will be learning about this term.

Y5 Curriculum Statement Spring 2022

Come and See Letter to Parents Spring 2022

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Come and See

Throughout our topic ‘ Mission’, we have learned about the mission of inspirational leaders, explored how the Dioceses continue the work and mission of Jesus within the Christian communities and how we can help in this mission by working together to promote unity and supporting one another in all of the different communities we belong to.

In our new topic ‘Memorial Sacrifice’ we explored what makes certain memories more significant than others  and how we keep memories alive. 

During our Reveal , we have been learning about the Eucharist and how it shapes our lives as Christians. We learned about the Scriptural context of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting ‘The Last Supper’ and recreated our own versions, focussing on the reactions of the apostles  to Jesus’ revelation of betrayal.


Year 5 have been working hard already this week to develop their understanding of division and using a formal written method. We used Base ten and Numicon to support our learning.

Year 5 explored equivalent fractions using number rods. We compared fractions whose denominators were multiples of the same number.

We have worked so hard to develop our understanding of fractions this term and we now linking and applying this knowledge with both fractions and decimals.


Liverpool Reading Festival

As part of the Liverpool Reading Festival, Year 5 are reading ‘Life of Riley’ by Simon James Green. We are enjoying the book so far and it is making some of us laugh out loud- especially me! We are looking forward to our session with the author himself next week.

World Book Day 2022

Art and Design

Year 5 developed their mark-making skills to create texture in their sketches. They then ‘took their pencil for a walk’ inspired by the artist Paul Klee. More photos of their finished pieces to come!

We started our Sweet Collages today! The sketches are looking fantastic already and Year 5 are demonstrating great sketching techniques, developing their understanding of composition and proportion. 

Wow! What a talented bunch of artists we have in Year 5! We used the grid method to scale up our original collages of sweet wrappers and painted them, here are a few examples of our final pieces!


We have been developing our knowledge of the United Kingdom by following a map trail of various significant landmarks based in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was a challenging task but Year 5 persevered and discovered so much about the UK they didn’t know! We have also been practising using the 8 points of the compass to describe where cities are in relation to one another. 

Tatton Park  History Trip -28.01.22

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

Safer Internet Day 2022

Safer Internet Day this year was all about our online relationships and how we manage them. We discussed different dilemmas as a class and decided what is the best course of action for each, in order to keep us safe online. We talked about ‘in the moment’ responses and how we can approach difficult situations. The children designed a gaming character that could appear and give us some advice when we need help.

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