Year 5 Autumn Term

What are we reading in Year 5 this term?


Please find below the Year 5 Autumn Curriculum Statement, detailing what we will be learning about this term.

Y5 Curriculum Statement Autumn 2021

Come and See Parents’ Letter Autumn 2021

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Come and See

Through our Come and See topic ‘Ourselves’ we were reminded that each person is made in the image and likeness of God and developed our understanding of the need to know ourselves and to appreciate that our value and uniqueness is central to our wellbeing. We learned about the importance of using our talents to serve others and that how sometimes this can require courage- Maximilian Kolbe was a prime example of this. Thank you Gabriel for contributing to our topic with your items from home and a huge well done to the group leading our Rejoice collective worship. 

Our Advent topic was ‘Hope’ and how we wait in hopeful expectation for Jesus’ coming. We celebrated our Rejoice with our KS2 Carol service.


This term in English we are writing a narrative dilemma and balanced argument through Anthony Browne’s version of King Kong. We have explored the use of direct speech to advance action in a narrative, relative clauses, figurative language and using a range of devices to build cohesion.


Year 5 have worked hard this  term to develop their number sense and understanding of place value and rounding.

                                               Number Day 2021


Year 5 have been studying life cycles in Science this term. They enjoyed watching the life cycle of a Painted Lady butterfly first hand with our own set of class butterflies.  They carefully observed each stage of this magnificent insect’s life cycle and developed their understanding of scientific vocabulary and the process of metamorphosis

Art and Design

This half term Year 5 have been exploring the formal elements of Art and Design of line, colour and perspective whilst learning about the work of artist Hundertwasser. 

Year 5 explored sketching this week and  practised sketching using a one point perspective. We learned about the vanishing point, horizon line and guidelines we can use to create depth in our drawing 


During History lessons, Year 5 have been working hard to develop their understanding of the end of the Roman Empire, the reasons behind the Anglo-Saxon invasion -using the concept of push and pull factors- and testing some simple hypotheses about where the early Anglo-Saxons settled based on Historical evidence of 5th century cemeteries. 

During our History lesson this week, Year 5 were examining the hoard of treasure found at Sutton Hoo during an excavation in 1939. We used the historical evidence to draw conclusions about the person in the Sutton Hoo burial through group and class discussion.

Chester Trip (22.11.21)

Year 5 had a wonderful time on their trip to Chester where they had the opportunity to visit the Amphitheatre and practice military formations, all dressed in armour and shields! They built on their knowledge from year 4 about the Roman era and applied concepts they have learned about the Anglo Saxons this year, such as raiding and invading, trade and transport and reasons for invasions throughout history. They handled artefacts and learned bout the role of archaeologists and how excavations can inform us about how people lived in the past.

Year 5 learned about the significance of brooches during the Anglo-Saxon period. They then went on to  research, make and evaluate their own clay Anglo Saxon style brooch. They designed some fantastic pieces, taking into consideration colour, geometric patterns and religious symbols used to represent elements of Christianty and Paganism.

Exploring the different methods of keeping law and order during Anglo-Saxon times. Year 5 very much enjoyed acting them out in front of the green screen. Ask them which ones they can remember at home! 

Book Fair 

This week our pupils enjoyed visiting the Scholastic Book Fair and were even shown around by some wonderful characters from books. The children will have come home with a wish list from their browsing session. Any items bought help us to earn free books for our school library, please do support us if you can!


Year 5 are enjoying their guitar lessons on a Thursday with Mr Rooney. It is such a wonderful opportunity for them to build on the skills they learned in Year 4 – they are such a musically talented class!

We commemorated Remembrance Day this year by some wonderful artwork with a key message- Peace is in Our Hands. 

Design Technology

As part of our Design Technology project ‘Serve a Salad’ , Year 5 enjoyed tasting and evaluating various ingredients used in a range of salads, exploring vocabulary to describe taste, texture and smell.


This Autumn term Year 5 have enjoyed their weekly Yoga sessions on a Tuesday afternoon with Laura. They have developed their understanding of the practice of Yoga, poses and positions and the benefits of it. They have made excellent progress and and are enthusaistic each week to improve their balance and flexibility. 

Year 5 enjoyed a football session with Everton Academy where they developed their attacking and defending skills and dribbling techniques.

Breakfast with Santa!

Christmas Crafts

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