Year 4 Autumn Term

What are we reading in Year 4 this term?


Well done to everybody for making such a great start to our Autumn term!

We have attached our curriculum statement and Come and See parents’ letter for your information.

Thank you

We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs of some of the activities we have enjoyed this term.

Come and See RE and Class Collective Worship

Children really enjoy planning and leading Collective Worship in class. We have beautiful displays for every topic.









Maths Party Day

Year 4 really enjoyed their day. They explored problem solving and reasoning activities and worked together on a shape challenge.

They also investigated patterns in subtraction using the Diffy game.

Sefton Park Science Investigation

 We had a field trip to Sefton Park to investigate trees. We identified them by their leaves, shape and fruit. We also learned about the animals, birds and insects which live there.


We visited the Grosvenor Museum in Chester to learn about the impact of the Roman invasion. We learned about why Chester was chosen as a garrison town. We also took part in Roman soldier training so that we could better understand how their armies were disciplined and successful.

Headteacher: Mr N Metcalf
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