Year 1 Autumn Term

What are we reading in Year 1 this term?

Please see below the Year 1 Autumn Curriculum Statement, detailing what we will be learning about this term.

Year 1 Autumn Curriculum Statement 2021


Design Technology – Wheels and axles
For this half term, the children are designing, making and evaluating a small scale wheeled trolley for a character in a story. We have started by exploring and evaluating a range of wheeled products such as toys and everyday objects.

Maths addition & subtraction
Year One have been solving missing number problems that involve addition and subtraction

Maths party day!

English – Read to write
In today’s English lesson, the children were introduced to different words such as ‘uninvite’, ‘unlock’, ‘unhygienic’ and ‘unfold’ and discovered how using the prefix ‘un’ changes the meaning of words. Year One then wrote sentences using the new words learnt in their books.

PE – Yoga
The children in Year One have been learning about mindfulness. They have learnt different yoga poses and techniques that help them to connect their mind and body. The children have focused on building strength, flexibility and balance. This learning includes breathing and meditation through fun and engaging activities. Year One have been working independently and with others, sharing ideas and creating their own poses.

Football with Everton Soccer Schools
Today we had two coaches from Everton Soccer Schools come into school to help us practice our football skills. The children practised their attacking and defending skills by playing lots of 3v3 games.

Come and See – Waiting
As a class we have designed and made an Advent calendar by designing and decorating the numbers for the doors. The children made suggestions of ways they can show their love during Advent and included them in the Advent calendar to be used as an act of kindness each day. 

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