Welcome to our Spanish web page. As you will already be aware the children in KS2 have been having weekly Spanish lessons . I look forward to them every week as the children are so enthusiastic to learn, which is wonderful to see!

Why learn a language?

Learning a language enriches the curriculum. It provides excitement, enjoyment and challenge for children and teachers, helping to create enthusiastic learners and to develop positive attitudes to language learning throughout life. The natural links between languages and other areas of the curriculum can enhance the overall teaching and learning experience. The skills, knowledge and understanding gained make a major contribution to the development of children’s oracy and literacy and to their understanding of their own culture/s and those of others. Language also lies at the heart of ideas about individual identity and community, and learning another language can do a great deal to shape children’s ideas in this critical area as well as giving them a new perspective on their own language.

We have so many wonderful events and activities to look forward to this year. Please come back to visit our page to follow our language learning journey at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Primary School!


Señorita Caldwell

KS2 Spanish Overview 2021-2022

Click on the links below to play Educandy games and practice vocabulary for your Autumn topic

Year 4 have been working hard to build sentences that describe ther opinions about school subjects.

Year 5 have been practising using bilingual dictionaries to find new vocabulary that include the phonemes ‘ue’ and ‘h’. 

Year 4 enjoy playing ‘La Policia’ game which gives pupils a chance to apply their learning. They asked and answered questions about their favourite subjects in a race to find the odd one out!

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