Reception Spring Term

What are we reading in Reception this term?


Shrove Tuesday

E Safety Day 

As part of E-safety Day, we talked about ways we can stay safe online.

Here are some ideas for how you can stay safe:

“Make sure you always ask an adult.”

“Don’t put important information online!”

“Make your passwords hard.”

On E-Safety Day we were learning about what we can and cannot share online. The children sorted things into what is safe to share and what is not safe to share on the Internet.

Children’s Mental Health Week

We have been very busy during mental health week!

The children have been talking about feelings and sharing how they feel on our ‘Roar Rainbow’, we will continue to do this every day.

This picture shows how a ‘Roar Rainbow’ works. You point to the part of the rainbow that best describes how you are feeling that day:


We also read a lovely story called the ‘The Colour Monster’, which helps us to understand our emotions. 

The children have really enjoyed giving each other lots of compliments to make each other feel good! We made a ‘Compliments Collection’ during circle time and added gems to represent all our lovely compliments:

Liverpool Festival of Reading 

During the Liverpool Festival of Reading we have been able to focus even more on ‘Reading for Pleasure’. 

The children have been watching live streams of amazing authors reading them the books they have written!

We have listened to: 

‘When the Sun Goes Down’ by Momoko Abe and ‘Never Show a T-Rex a Book’ by Rashmi Sirdeshpande.

                                          World Book Day 2022


All the children dressed up as their favourite character from their favourite story book to highlight the joys of reading and to celebrated World Book Day on 04th March. It was a treat seeing all of them in their fantastic costumes and do some amazing activities throughout the day. Please take a look at some of the wonderful work kids did in Reception on the World Book Day.

                                  NSPCC Number Day 2022

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