In September 2021 , we adopted a new curriculum which starts in Year 3 and then will be rolled out in the subsequent years until it is implemented from Year 1 through to Year 6.

Opening Worlds is a knowledge-rich humanities programme for teaching history and geography  in Years 3 to 6. As a school we are provided with curriculum resources together with training, support and ongoing programme-related professional development for our school teachers.

The Opening Worlds programme was first launched in 2019 by Christine Counsell and Steve Mastin, in association with Haringey Education Partnership (HEP) where over 60 primary schools took it up. More recently, a further 60 primary schools have now adopted the programme in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Liverpool.  In partnership with HEP, Opening Worlds now works with formal networks of ten or more primary schools (e.g. LA partnerships, MATs and other school groups with established community leadership).

The programme meets and substantially exceeds the demand of the National Curriculum for history and geography. The programme is characterised by strong vertical sequencing within subjects (so that pupils gain security in a rich, broad vocabulary through systematic introduction, sustained practice and deliberate revisiting) and intricate horizontal and diagonal connections, thus creating a curriculum whose effects are far greater than the sum of its parts.  The lessons are rich in story-telling and exciting, historical narrative and high-leverage activities that get the children to build on their substantive knowledge and develop disciplinary thinking like real- life Historians and Geographers.  


Year 2 Sudley House Visit- October 2021

Year Two had a fantastic time visiting Sudley House. In History we have been learning about George and Emma Holt, so it was fascinating to see where they had lived and to learn more about their lives.

Year 4 and 5 Trip to Chester -November 2021 

Year 4 and 5 had a wonderful time on their trip to Chester where they had the opportunity to visit the Amphitheatre and practice military formations, all dressed in armour and shields! They built on their knowledge from year 4 about the Roman era and applied concepts they have learned about the Anglo Saxons this year, such as raiding and invading, trade and transport and reasons for invasions throughout history. They handled artefacts and learned bout the role of archaeologists and how excavations can inform us about how people lived in the past.

 Year 5 have been working hard to develop their understanding of the end of the Roman Empire, the reasons behind the Anglo-Saxon invasion -using the concept of push and pull factors- and testing some simple hypotheses about where the early Anglo-Saxons settled based on Historical evidence of 5th century cemeteries. 

 Year 5 were examining the hoard of treasure found at Sutton Hoo during an excavation in 1939. Pupils used the historical evidence to draw conclusions about the person in the Sutton Hoo burial through group and class discussion.

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